About trashbag.u

trashbag.u is a super cool extension to firetrucks.u that adds a lot of decoration and inventory classes. It made by ebd, with a couple of things made by the talented ividyon. This document was authored by ebd. Any questions regarding the editor API should be sent to ebd via forum post, PM or IRC.

It requires firetrucks.u, which can be found at http://ebd.unrealsp.org/firetrucks/

trashbag.u can be downloaded at http://ebd.unrealsp.org/trashbag/trashbag_1_1_0.zip (right-click save-as)

BlankScroll extends OpenScroll

What? Y-you were *expecting* something interesting on this scroll? T-t-too baaaad!

BlankScrollInv extends FiretrucksPickup

Ever wanted to carry a blank scroll around with you? Now you can!

BoozeDeco2 extends Decoration

A cheap bottle of ultra-low quality booze. Drinking it will not give you extra adventures.

CookedSteak extends FiretrucksPickup

A perfectly cooked top quality steak blackend on the outside but inedibly raw on the inside.

corndog extends Health

I swear if I see that corndog one more time...

GoldCoins extends FiretrucksPickup

Originally when the gold coins were minted they were backed by "the pewter standard" which ensured the coins could be exchanged for pewter tankards on a 1-for-1 basis. In time though many more gold coins were produced than actual tankards, so the Tankard is now a fiat currency.

Over time a strict dictator also forced the people to abandon the moniker of "Tankards" (or "Tankz", in some seedier districts) in favor of something more generic and less off-putting like "Gold Coins." The fun-police were even dispaced to ensure that this new ruling was enforced. However, in the hearts and minds of the people they will always be Tankards.

  • int amount The amount of coins in this pile.
Hairclip extends Decoration

A super cute hair clip with a triangular decoration. It doesn't just keep your hair out of your face; it is a fasion accesory!

HairclipInv extends FiretrucksPickup

A version of the hairclip that you can carry around. Why aren't you wearing it though?

Hamburger extends Health

A delicious hamburger. The patty is made from 100% all natural free range Nali Cows and seasoned with a secret blend of herbs and spices known only to the mountain Nali tribes. The vegetables were handpicked with the utmost care for quality and flavor. This particular hamburger features a freshly baked bun and was grilled by the one and only War Meido Ividyon.

OpenScroll extends Decoration

A scroll looks nice rolled up, but you can't read it like that.

OpenScrollInv extends FiretrucksPickup

An open scroll you can carry around, and maybe use if the mapper set it up right. Reading from this probably makes you seem pretty pretentious.

Scroll extends Decoration

IMPORTANT!: This is only one scroll. Multiple instances of Scroll shall be reffered to as "Multiple Instances of Scroll" unless you want to be sued by overzealous laywers who think they own the plural form of scroll.

But anyway, I think it is a pretty nice scroll.

ScrollInv extends FiretrucksPickup

In classic RPGs, examples of "multiple instances of scroll" are usually really bad. Like, they cast a spell and then go away. What spell do they even cast? Who knows? Often they are given unhelpful labels like YUM YUM or THANX MAUD.Woe upon you if it is an uncursed scroll of genocide and you are confused.

Steak extends FiretrucksPickup

An uncomfortably large T-Bone steak. It's red color is intended to be evocative of juicy freshness. It isn't super marbled or anything, but it still looks like it might be tasty if cooked right. Just make sure it is cooked fully because the variety of tapeworms found in improperly cooked beef can grow to be as long as the human intestines, if not longer.In the Dungeons of Doom a steak like this would be completely unsafe to eat after just thirty turns. While the length of a turn is not specified, conditions in the dungeons must be quite extreme for meats to spoil so quickly. You need not worry though, as there are not documented cases of the mysterious "You feel deathly sick." illness on Na Pali.

SwirlScroll extends OpenScroll

This scroll was rumored to be part of a set of design documents about a new breakfast cereal that was in production for a short time before the company that was developing it was hit with a cease and desist from the lawyers representing a larger competitor.There were also conflicting rumors about it being imbued with magic and that reading it for about five seconds or so would teleport the reader to a friendly structure.The only thing about it that can be said for sure is that it is a scroll with a swirl pattern on it.

SwirlScrollInv extends FiretrucksPickup

Entranced by the swirling pattern, your mind unburdens itself with thoughts and reason as you reach for the scroll. Holding the swirling pattern before your eyes, you feel as if it speaks to you. It tells you things you might have ignored, but you mind is empty now, and you are so willing to listen and obey. You understand that these truths that the scroll has so slowly weaved into your tired and willing mind have always been the truth, and that you just could never accept it. The gentle words tell you of yourself, and your desires...

Two hours later you awaken from your trance, though your attention is drawn to the handle on the door across the room with its sensual curves and the sun-kissed brass, and you are filled with an intense longing to polish that wonderful door handle.

Trashbag extends Decoration

A cheap plastic trashbag, filled and then tied at the top. What is inside? Oh, just your hopes and dreams.

TrashbagPlaque extends Decoration

A decorative plaque to commemorate your successes, or failures, if you so desire.